How to Remove Orange Glow From Laminate Floors

Mel Frank

Orange Glow is a commercial cleaning product designed to clean wood and laminate floors. The problem is, the Orange Glow often leaves behind a film or haze that dulls the look of your floor surface. To safely remove the Orange Glow residue from your laminate, you want to use something that cuts through the residue without damaging your laminate floor or the gloss floor finish.

Remove Orange Glow from laminate floors with vinegar.
  1. Pour 1 cup white vinegar and 1 gallon water into a bucket.

  2. Swish your mop in the bucket and wring out the mop well.

  3. Wipe the mop over your laminate floor.

  4. Let the floor air dry. Examine to see if any Orange Glow residue remains, and mop again as needed until you remove all of the film.