How to Clean a Nu-Wave Oven

J. Johnson

The Nu-Wave oven is a pretty simple kitchen appliance to operate. Place fresh or frozen food inside the oven, and then select how long you want the food to cook and start the oven. Once you hear the beeping noise coming from the oven, your food will be ready to serve. You must then clean the Nu-Wave oven. When compared to similar types of cooking products, the Nu-Wave oven is also pretty easy to clean.

Step 1

Disconnect your Nu-Wave oven from power and wait for it to cool down completely. This is extremely important to do before you start the cleaning process.

Step 2

Take apart the Nu-Wave oven. Lift the power head from the transparent dome. Set the power head aside to clean separately. Take the cooking rack out of the liner pan and the liner pan out of the base of the Nu-Wave oven.

Step 3

Place the various components inside your dishwasher to clean. Remember, you are not cleaning the power head just yet. You can also fill your sink with warm water and add dishwashing detergent to wash the parts with a cloth by hand. Rinse each part and place on the counter to dry.

Step 4

Dampen a cloth with plain water. Use the cloth to wipe down the power head, which is the only part that cannot be washed like the others.

Step 5

Be sure all parts are completely dry before you reassemble the Nu-Wave oven.