How to Disassemble a Brick Wall

Lisa Wampler

According to David Derr, a licensed general contractor with more than 25 years of on-the-job experience, disassembling a brick wall requires brute strength and strategic planning. You can use faults in the wall to your advantage to make the task go easier. The use of basic remodeling tools are all you need to tear down a wall made of block, brick or stone. However, prior to tearing down the wall, you must support any structures that use the wall for support.

The mortar in a brick wall is the key to success.
  1. Support any joists that rest on the top of the wall with 4-by-4-inch beams and hydraulic jacks. Place the hydraulic jack on the floor under the joist; place the 4-by-4-inch beam between the jack and the bottom of the joist. Apply pressure to the joist by jacking up the hydraulic jack. If you do not support the structures resting on the wall, they can collapse on you as you disassemble the wall.

  2. Place a chisel against the mortar joint that runs parallel to the top left brick on the wall.

  3. Strike the chisel with a 5-pound sledgehammer to crack the joint.

  4. Place the chisel on the mortar joint between the first and second brick in the top row. Strike the chisel with a 5-pound sledgehammer to crack the joint.

  5. Repeat this process with each brick in the top row and then pull the bricks free from the wall.

  6. Repeat the process with each subsequent row of brick as you work you way down the wall.