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How to Remove a Jenn-Air Spark Module

Nathan McGinty

If you go to turn on the burners on your Jenn-Air range and they don't light up, you may have a bad or malfunctioning spark module. Turning the dial on the Jenn-Air range to "Ignite" completes a circuit inside the range and sends a spark out to ignite the burner. You can remove a Jenn-Air spark module on your own so that you can replace it if you need to.

  1. Unplug the Jenn-Air oven from the wall socket where it is connected.

  2. Move the stove away from the wall or any other obstructions that may be behind it so you can access the gas hose. Look for the gas supply valve positioned where the gas hose meets the supply pipe. Turn the supply valve in the direction stamped on the handle to cut the gas supply.

  3. Pull the Jenn-Air stove out so you can work in the back area of the stove easily.

  4. Use a screwdriver or hex wrench to remove the back of the Jenn-Air appliance.

  5. Locate the spark module, which is usually a plastic, rectangular-shaped plastic box located behind the rangetop. There will be two thicker wires leading into it, and a number of smaller wires leading away from the other side.

  6. Remove the mounting screws on the spark module. Before pulling it out of the range, use a screwdriver to loosen the terminals and remove the wires on the side of the module. Take careful note of where the wires are attached before removing. You may want to take a picture with a digital camera for reference.

  7. Pull the spark module out of the range. Use the screwdriver to loosen the terminals holding both the smaller burner wires and the larger supply wires from the spark module.