How To Split Season Tickets Fairly

Purchasing season tickets allows you to see a certain amount of sporting events each year. You can purchase season tickets in full season or half season increments, or in certain blocks of games. If a few different people pooled their money together to purchase the season tickets, you will need to split them up fairly and evenly to ensure everyone gets their money's worth.

Step 1

Find the total amount paid for your season tickets. This information will include the cost of any seat licenses you were required to purchase as well as the cost of the tickets themselves. Season tickets are often sold at difference prices than the face value of the tickets, so do not use face value as a guide.

Step 2

Divide the total amount paid for all of your season tickets by the total amount of tickets you received. For example, if you paid $2,000 for 48 tickets, 2,000 divided by 48 = $41.60 per ticket.

Step 3

Divide the total amount of money one person paid by the cost per ticket to determine how many tickets they should receive. For example, if three people went in on tickets with one person paying $1,000, one person paying $500 and another paying $5,000, perform the appropriate mathematical calculations. $1,000 divided by $41.60 per ticket equals 24 tickets. $500 divided by $41.60 per ticket equals 12 tickets.