How to Reverse the Direction of a Fan

Ceiling fans are great for cooling down a room in the summer and saving money on electricity in the winter. The blades on a ceiling fan are tilted, which, when the fan is spinning counterclockwise, push air down to circulate it through the room. Most ceiling fans have a reverse switch on the base of the fan that allows you to reverse the direction in which the blades spin. When the blades spin clockwise, the fan pulls cool air from the bottom of the room up and recirculates the warm air near the ceiling, raising the temperature in your home and reducing the heating system's work load.

Ceiling fans help to cool and warm your house, depending on the direction they spin.
  1. Turn off the ceiling fan by flipping the wall switch, pressing the "off" button on the remote or pulling the pull chain until the fan stops.

  2. Locate the direction switch on the base of the fan. It is a two-position switch that can only move left or right, or up or down, depending on the model of the fan.

  3. Move the switch to the other position.

  4. Turn on the fan to verify that the blades have changed direction.

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