Ikea Hensvik Crib Assembly Instructions

Russell Wood

Ikea makes a wide variety of furniture, all of which requires assembly before it can be used in your home. This saves space on the shelves for Ikea, but if your item didn't come with instructions or you lost them, the assembly process can become a bit frustrating. Fortunately, in the case of the Ikea Hensvik crib, the process is fairly straightforward. Putting together the crib takes about an hour and requires just a few tools along with the hardware from the crib.

  1. Lean one of the headboards up against a wall. Lift up one of the side rails and slide the dowels on the ends of the side rails into the holes on the top of the headboard. Install one of the long screws from the hardware kit into the top hole on the backside of the headboard using the hex tool provided in the hardware kit. Repeat for the other side, then install two long screws into the bottom of the rails using the same tool.

  2. Lift up the other headboard and align the mounting holes in the top of the headboard with the dowels in the side rails. Slide the rails into the headboard and then secure the headboard to the rails using the long screws and the hex tool in the same manner you did the previous headboard. Lay the crib assembly on its side.

  3. Lay out the two side pieces for the crib base, positioned so that the inside rails (with 14 holes) are facing each other. Place one of the cross rails over one of the inside rail holes. Place one of the 28 short domed retainers into the hole in the cross rail, then push it down into the inside rail on the crib base. Hold a dowel over the retainer and hammer the dowel until the retainer holds the cross rail flush against the inside rail. Repeat down the length of the side piece for the crib base, then connect the remaining side to the cross rails using the same method, creating a series of slats that run the length of the rails.

  4. Determine what height you want the mattress; infants usually sit at the highest position, older babies on the lowest position. Slide the crib base into the bottom so that the holes on the ends of the crib base align with the holes in the headboards.

  5. Slide one of the barrel-shaped nuts into the hole on the inside of the crib base using your hands. Install one of the long screws from the hardware kit through the headboard and into the barrel-shaped nut using the hex-head tool, holding the barrel nut in place with a flat-head screwdriver if necessary. Repeat for the remaining seven crib base mounting holes, until all eight screws and barrel nuts have been installed.

  6. Install the short screw caps into the outside of the lower two mounting holes for the crib base on the headboards. Install a short screw from the hardware kit through the other side of the headboard using the Phillips-head screwdriver, sandwiching the headboard between the screw caps and the screw. Lift the crib up off of its side to its normal position.