How to Identify a GFCI Breaker

A GFCI is the acronym for a ground fault circuit interrupter.

Locate a GFCI in your home's breaker boxLocate a GFCI in your home's breaker box
This is a special type electrical receptacle of circuit breaker that instantly shuts off when an object plugged into it is exposed to water. This is a safety device that is required by code is most areas, wherever a receptacle is placed near a wet area, such as a sink or outdoors. You can determine whether your receptacle or breaker is a GFCI with a quick, visual check.

Identify whether you have a GFCI outlet (receptacle) by looking at the face of the outlet. If there is a "reset" button, possibly accompanied by one or two LED lights, then your outlet is GFCI protected.

Locate your circuit breaker box. These are usually gray in color, in the lower level, or basement of the home. There will be a metal door on the panel. Open the door to reveal the various circuit breakers in your home.

Identify a GFCI breaker in you breaker panel through visual inspection. If your breaker is GFCI protected, there will be a "push here to test" button located on the face of the individual breaker. If you locate one of these breakers in your home, it means that every outlet on that circuit is GFCI protected.


  • Be cautious when working around any live wiring in your home. There is always a danger of electrocution.

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