How to Make Your Own Magnetic Screwdriver

When doing home or auto repairs, especially those with hard-to-reach or small screws, having a magnetic screwdriver handy can make the job easier. Small screws can slip off of a screwdriver head, but with a few simple steps, you make your own magnetic screwdriver so those tiny screws stick firmly to the head long enough for you to set them in their rightful places.

Making a magnetic screwdriver is an easy way to keep from losing small screws during repair jobs.
  1. Place the shaft of the screwdriver (near the handle) onto a strong magnet, such as one from a stereo speaker. Hold the screwdriver to the magnet away from you.

  2. Pull the screwdriver along the magnet toward you until it slides completely off the magnet. Be sure to rub the tip of the screwdriver across the magnet as you pull.

  3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 several times to ensure the screwdriver has a strong magnetic charge.

  4. Demagnetize the screwdriver, if necessary, by doing the reverse of Steps 1 and 2: Starting with the tip, place the screwdriver on the magnet and push it away from you.


  • Be careful when using magnetic screwdrivers on electronic devices, especially computers. Magnets are capable of erasing information from some types of media, such as hard drives.

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