How to Use a Keurig to Make Cappuccino

Keurig manufactures single-cup coffee brewers for use in a home or office environment.

Designed to produce coffee, hot chocolate or tea, the coffee makers are not designed to produce authentic cappuccino, since this requires a coffee maker that has a steam nozzle. However, the company does sell cappuccino-flavored single brewing packs for coffee that tastes like cappuccino. These flavor packs are available for purchase on the Internet or through select stores and are relatively simple to use in the Keurig machine.

Plug the Keurig coffee maker into a power outlet and press the "Power" button. Lift the lid and fill the water reservoir if "Fill Water Reservoir" appears on the display. Close the lid.

Lift the handle, which will cause the "K-Cup" holder to open. Place a cappuccino "K-cup" packet into the holder, using caution because there are two sharp needles in the housing.

Lower the handle to close the "K-Cup" housing. Place a large coffee cup under the brew spout.

Select the "Brew Size" and then press "Brew" to begin the coffee process.

Wait for "Keurig Brewed Enjoy" to flash on the display panel. Lift up the handle and carefully remove the used cappuccino packet and discard.

Remove the coffee mug from the drip plate.

Things You Will Need

  • Cappuccino-flavored packet
  • Water
  • Coffee mug

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