Jenn-Air Cooktop Troubleshooting

Jenn-Air cooktops are available in gas and electric models, as well as a variety of sizes. The cooktops offer such features as a radiant, gas or electric downdraft, electronic touch controls, included grill or griddle, and a variety of cooking configurations. While standard care, cleaning and maintenance should help keep the cooktop working well, owners may occasionally run into problems with the unit. If this occurs, some troubleshooting efforts may be worthwhile.

  1. Check to make sure that the Jenn-Air cooktop is connected to a working power outlet if nothing on the cooktop is operating. Replace or reset the circuit breaker or fuse as needed.

  2. Check the gas valve if nothing on the cooktop will heat but there is power and it is a gas model. Turn the gas valve on completely -- counter-clockwise. Look at the heating element and make sure it is firmly connected.

  3. Clean the cooktop and grill or griddle, if applicable, with warm, soapy water and a cleaning sponge to remove excess spillover or debris if there is smoking during use.

  4. Clean surface burners with a damp cloth and clean out clogged burner ports with a straight pin or needle if the flames are uneven or loud. Dry the burner surface before relighting.

  5. Use cookware that is relatively the same size as the surface cooking area if there is not enough heat or excessive heat around the cookware. Cookware should have a flat bottom and should not extend beyond 1/2 inch outside of the cooking area.

  6. Contact Jenn-Air for assistance as needed.