Presto Salad Shooter Instructions

The Presto Salad Shooter shreds and slices cheeses, fruits and vegetables. The shredder/slicer comes with the base unit, food chamber, food guide and a shredding and slicing cone. The electric salad shooter will shred cheese for pizzas, slice fruit for pies and slice vegetables for a salad.

  1. Assemble the Presto Salad Shooter by inserting the slicing or shredding cone into the food chamber shoot. The driving end (narrow end) goes into the chute first. The twisting lock-ring slides over the front of the cone and is turned clockwise to lock the cone in place.

  2. Attach the food shoot to the base unit by angling the food chute to the left and lining up the drive end with the hole for the drive on the base unit. As you push the food chute into the base unit, turn the food chute clockwise to lock it in place on the base. You will hear a click as the unit snaps into place. The food chamber will be upright and even with the base.

  3. Prepare the foods to process. If you are using cheese, the cheese should be cut into pieces that fit into the food chute. Vegetables and fruits should be into pieces that fit inside the chute as well. The food to be shredded or sliced should fit loosely in the chute.

  4. Plug in the Presto Salad Shooter. Place a bowl or plate on the counter. Place the cut foods in the food chute. If you want short slices, stand the pieces upright. If you want long slices, lay the food pieces horizontally.

  5. Turn on the power switch on the backside of the base. Place the food guide inside the food chute. Start pushing down on the guide slowly to slice or shred food. The food will come out the front of the cone.

  6. Unplug the salad shooter when done. Remove the food guide from the food chute. Turn the food chute counterclockwise as you pull out to unlock and remove. Turn the twist lock-ring counterclockwise to remove the cone from the food chute. Wash all pieces in soapy water and dry.


  • Do not shred tomatoes, meats, chocolate, sliced cheese, oranges or onions in the salad shooter. It is not meant for these foods.
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