How to Disassemble a Sunbeam Oskar Food Processor

Irene A. Blake

Jarden Corporation's Sunbeam Oskar food processor provides residential and professional commercial cooks with the means to process (mince, slice, shred, grate, chop and/or grind) foods. Cooks can assemble the unit one of two ways—with a continuous flow cover and slicing/shredding disk or a clear processing container and cutting/processing blade. No matter the setup, disassembling the unit for cleaning and storage isn’t difficult since Jarden designed each part of the Sunbeam Oskar Food Processor to smoothly lock and unlock.

Step 1

Unplug your Sunbeam Oskar food processor, and place it on a flat surface.

Step 2

Remove the food pusher from the feed tube on the continuous flow cover. If you're not using the continuous flow cover, go to Step 5.

Step 3

Pull the continuous flow cover from the unit and ejector disk. If necessary, turn the cover clockwise to unlatch the right locking tab before pulling it from the unit.

Step 4

Lift the sharp slicing/shredding disk carefully off the ejector disk, then lift the ejector disk from the drive shaft. Go to Step 7 to remove the clear processing container.

Step 5

Turn the clear processing container cover clockwise to unlatch it from the locking tab on the right side of the unit and remove it from the container.

Step 6

Grasp the top of the cutting/processing blade, rotate it slightly to unlock it from the drive shaft, then pull it carefully from the clear processing container.

Step 7

Unlock and remove the clear processing container from the motor base. Turn it clockwise from the base to unlock it and pull it from the drive shaft.