How to Close the Plug in a Whirlpool Bath

As with any bathtub, the Whirlpool bathtub has a plug that you must insert into the drain to prevent the water from flowing out. The plug has a screw on the bottom of it that tightens the rubber seal on the plug to help it fit snuggly against the drain. Occasionally, the screw may become loose, which will prevent the plug from forming a tight seal against the drain, thus allowing water to escape.

Whirlpool bathtubs require a plug to seal the drain.
  1. Locate the drain on the bottom of your Whirlpool bathtub. The drain is located on the same side as the faucet.

  2. Insert the plug into the drain and then turn the plug clockwise until it stops turning. The plug will turn until it is almost flush with the bottom of your Whirlpool bathtub.

  3. Turn on your Whirlpool bathtub for a few minutes to allow it to fill up above the drain.

  4. Monitor the water level. Notice if it is staying at the level that you filled your Whirlpool bathtub up to or if the water is draining out.

  5. Unscrew the plug, by turning it counterclockwise, if the water is draining out of the bathtub. If the water is not draining out, the plug is secure.

  6. Remove the plug from the drain and locate the screw and locking nut on the bottom of the plug.

  7. Tighten the screw, using a flat-head screwdriver, until the screw is tight against the locking nut.

  8. Replace the plug into the drain and turn it clockwise until it stops turning. The plug should now have a secure, tight seal that will not allow the water to drain out of the tub until you unscrew the plug.

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