How to Register With Rowenta

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Rowenta is a worldwide developer, manufacturer and distributor of home appliances. Rowenta sells its products in North America, Chile, Korea, the United Kingdom, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Romania, the Netherlands and other countries throughout Europe. Rowenta sells steam irons, hair dryers, toasters, vacuum cleaners, portable heaters, hair styling appliances, steam generators and other beauty appliances. Rowenta product registration enables the company to send you updates of its new products, give you discounts for their products and provide you with other owner benefits.

  1. Go to the Rowenta website and then choose your country of origin. Click "Product Registration" at the upper, righthand corner of the Rowenta webpage.

  2. Fill out the Rowenta product registration form. Enter your name, address, zip code, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, marital status, date you purchased the Rowenta product, the Rowenta product you purchased, Rowenta product model number and name of the store where you purchased the Rowenta appliance. Click "Submit and Continue" to go to the next page. You have to fill a few more forms. The forms ask you general questions, such as the type of activities you like to do and whether you purchased the product for yourself or someone else.

  3. Fill out the rest of the online form regarding your Rowenta product and then click "Submit and Continue." When you get to the last page, you will see "Finish." Click "Finish" to register with Rowenta.