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How to Find a Dutailier Model Number

Irene A. Blake

Dutailier is a Canadian furniture company that makes a variety of home furnishings such as gliders, ottomans, reclining chairs and nursery items. The Dutailier furniture model number and serial number are used in several ways, including as a reference when ordering repair parts or cushions. The Dutailier model number, also known as the product number, is printed on a white label, along with the furnitureā€™s serial number. If you cannot find the white label on your piece of furniture, or if the label is unreadable, contact the company or an authorized Dutailier retailer.

Step 1

Look for a white label on the frame of your piece of Dutailier furniture. It may be under a cushion or on the underside of the base.

Step 2

Call or visit the Dutailier retailer who sold the furniture to you, or contact another local authorized Dutailier retailer, and provide a description of the furniture or a picture. If necessary, supply information about when and where you purchased the furniture to determine the model. You can find the nearest authorized retailer by going to the Dutailier "Locate a Retailer" website and entering your five digit Postal or ZIP code into the field provided, selecting a circle next to the type of store that you need and clicking the "Find" button

Step 3

Contact Dutailier by phone or by using the contact form on the company's website if you still canā€™t find the model number. If you use the contact form, fill in as much information as you can, such as the serial number, if known, and a description of the furniture piece.