How to Reset a High-Pressure Limit Switch

Your home furnace is controlled by a device known as the high pressure limit switch or simply a limit switch. More specifically, the limit switch regulates the furnace fan (or blower) and acts as a safety control on the burner. Resetting the device involves a short process that any consumer should be able to complete without a problem. Once you've completed inputting the new settings, your fan should only blow hot air once the burner has warmed up. In "Forced Hot Air Furnaces" Roger Vizi notes that, "By understanding the different components of the heating system...you can isolate the problem."

Resetting the high-pressure limit switch allows your blower to work properly.
  1. Remove the outer-door of the furnace to access the inside. Most models of furnace have a door the simply slides off.
  2. Look inside for the metallic box known as the high-pressure limit switch. Generally it's located in the upper reaches of the area behind the door.
  3. Slide back the cover to the switch. Expose the dial and actual switch itself.
  4. Reset the dial settings by moving the metal arms. Place them (from left to right) on 90, 130 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit respectively. The first two control the fan, while the third shuts off the burner when it gets too hot.
  5. Pull the switch out if it isn't already. Leaving it in will force the fan to run automatically regardless of furnace temperature, blowing cool air through the house.


  • Never attempt to rewire or replace a high-pressure limit switch unless you have HVAC or electrical training, serious injury or damage could result.

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