How to Change a Watts Premier Filter

The Watts Premier water filtration system uses carbon filtration and reverse osmosis to purify residential drinking water.

Filter Change Schedule

A Watts Premier reverse osmosis filter removes contaminants from tap water.A Watts Premier reverse osmosis filter removes contaminants from tap water.
The process uses a series of four filter cartridges, each calibrated to selectively target and remove particular contaminants, plus a three-gallon storage tank. The Watts Premier system operates on ordinary residential water pressure and does not require an ancillary pump. The routine filter service schedule varies for each filter.

Change the Stage 1 sediment filter and Stage 2 carbon pre-filter every six months.

Change the Stage 4 carbon finishing filter annually.

Change the Stage 3 reverse osmosis membrane filter every two to five years, depending on incoming water quality, hardness of water and frequency of use.

Filter Change Procedure

Place a towel or drain pan under the filter array to catch water that may leak from removed cartridges.

Grasp the bottom of the filter cartridge and swivel the cartridge 90 degrees out from the filter module.

Push the filter release button on the valve head above the filter. Pull the cartridge down to detach it from the valve head. Discard the old filter cartridge.

Remove the seal cap from a new filter cartridge. Push the mouth of the cartridge into the valve head until it clicks into place. Swivel the filter cartridge down into the vertical position.

Things You Will Need

  • Towels
  • Drain pan

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