How to Cut Bamboo Gutters

Bamboo gutters are typically used in areas where bamboo grows natively and are inexpensive ways to drain water off homes and buildings.

Although bamboo gutters are not as durable as metal or vinyl gutters, they provide a rustic charm to the exterior decor. Because bamboo is actually a grass, rather than a wood, you must use caution when cutting it. Improper cutting techniques result in the shredding or splitting of the bamboo gutters.

Walk to the side of the house where you are installing the bamboo gutter and place the end of a tape measure up against the edge of the building. Stretch the tape measure all the way to the opposite end of the wall to determine the proper length for the bamboo gutter.

Lay the bamboo gutter on a workbench and use the tape measure to locate the area where it needs cutting. Draw a line all the way around the exterior of the bamboo gutter.

Wrap a piece of masking tape around the bamboo gutter in the location of the pencil line.

Install a fine-toothed blade into a table saw and put on safety glasses. Turn on the saw.

Position the masking tape on the bamboo gutter directly in front of the saw blade. Move the gutter toward the saw blade until it begins to cut into the bamboo. Slowly roll the gutter so the blade scores the entire piece of tape but does not cut all the way through the bamboo.

Turn the bamboo gutter back to the original position and push it through the saw blade to complete the cutting process.

Turn off the saw and remove the masking tape from the bamboo gutter.

Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Masking tape
  • Table saw
  • Fine-toothed saw blade
  • Safety glasses


  • Bamboo gutter can also be cut with a fine-toothed hacksaw.

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