How to Clean a Katadyn Water Filter

The Katadyn water filter was developed for hikers and backpackers so they can have a fresh supply of water while out in the wilderness without carrying water with them. The Katadyn water filter removes up to 99.9999 percent of bacteria and up to 99.9 percent of protozoan cysts. The Katadyn water filter is also small and compact enough to carry with you as you hike. After use, some cleaning is needed to keep the filter working well.

  1. Unscrew the pump from the Katadyn water filter, and remove the O-ring. Rinse any buildup from the O-ring, and rub silicon lubricant on it. Replace the O-ring, and screw the pump back in place.
  2. Remove the prefilter from the Katadyn water filter pump. Rinse the prefilter with water, and wipe it with a brush to remove any builtup. Place the prefilter back into the water pump.
  3. Remove the Katadyn water filter cartridge, and rinse it with treated water to remove any sediment buildup. Place the cartridge back into the water filter.

Things You Will Need

  • Silicon lubricant
  • Brush

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