How to Remove Pits in Granite Countertops

Properly maintain your granite countertops and you won't develop any pits in the surface. It is when you accidentally clean with harsh chemicals that most pits develop, eating into the top finish. In addition, you might develop pits from dropping objects such as car keys on the surface. Repairs are straightforward, but take care to only eliminate the pits and not do more damage.

Well-maintained granite counters don't develop pits.
  1. Obtain #0000, #000 and #00 steel wool to use for smoothing the granite countertops.

  2. Rub the granite with the #00 wool first. Move the wool in a circle pattern over the pitted area until the surface is slightly worn, and the pits are less noticeable. Move the wool out further than the pits by several inches. Rub the outer edges with less pressure than the pits.

  3. Take the #000 wool and swirl it over the surface in the same manner as the #00. Move the wool a little lighter over the granite and work it a little further out than the last wool. Stop when the pits are no longer noticeable.

  4. Smooth the #0000 wool over the granite last. Rub in straight lines in all directions to remove the circle pattern. Use lighter motions along the edges to feather out the sanding.

  5. Buff the granite with a soft buffing pad in circular and straight lines to bring out the shine.