How to Write in Cursive Through the Alt Key & Number Pad

Pressing the "alt" command in the Windows operating system along with a series of numbers can generate special characters into a text box. For example, if you want to write in cursive letters you just need to know the appropriate alt commands for a font that features cursive. You can find all the information you need and apply it to your own computer using a native Windows tool called the Character Map.

  1. Click "Start."

  2. Open "All Programs."

  3. Click "Accessories."

  4. Open the "System Tools" folder and select the "Character Map" icon. The program "Character Map" will open on screen.

  5. Click the "Font" drop-down menu. Select the name of a font that contains cursive characters from the list on screen, for example, Gabriola. The main part of the "Character Map" window will fill with the characters from that font.

  6. Move your cursor over the cursive letter you want to type. The alt code for that letter will appear. Click inside the text box where you want the character to go. Type the alt code using your keyboard to insert the character into the text. For example, if the alt code is "alt+0123" you would hold the "alt" key and press the 0, 1, 2 and 3 keys on your keyboard.

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