How to Winterize a Stihl Trimmer

Winterizing your Stihl Trimmer extends the life of the tool. The moisture level that typically comes during winter can damage the small engine of the trimmer and promote the rusting of the blades and other moving parts. Also, since your Stihl Trimmer won't be used for some time, it is best to drain the fuel.

  1. Drain the fuel tank of the Stihl Trimmer down a funnel into a storage container. Press the primer button repeatedly and try to start the engine to remove the last drops of fuel left in the tank and carburetor.

  2. Remove the spark plug with a screwdriver. Place a few drops of STIHL's two-cycle oil in the spark plug port. Pull the starter plug gently a few times to lubricate so the oil can lubricate the piston and crankshaft. Install a new spark plug.

  3. Remove the air filter. Clean it by placing a few drops of fuel on it and wringing the fuel out until the filter is dry. Install it back into the trimmer.

  4. Polish the moving parts, including the blade, with a lubricant oil such as Stihl's Multi Purpose Grease. This lubricant oil is waterproof, resistant to oxidation and prevents corrosion on the moving parts in extreme weather.