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How to Make a Humidor Out of a Refrigerator

Lisa Wampler

If you need to store a large number of cigars you can build a humidor out of an old refrigerator. A humidor keeps cigars at a specific humidity level to prevent them from loosing essential oils and drying out. It also prevents the cigars from becoming too humid, which could start mold growth. When setting up your humidor, keep the humidity level between 68 percent and 74 percent. A level of 71 percent is perfect.

Converting an old refrigerator will allow you to store a lot of cigars
  1. Disconnect the refrigerator from its electrical outlet and place it in an area where it will remain shaded and at a relatively consistent room temperature. Higher temperatures can affect humidity levels.

  2. Fill a bucket with water and a cup or two of distilled vinegar. Clean the inside of the refrigerator with the solution. Remove all old food particles to prevent the spread of mold inside the unit.

  3. Drill a hole though the side of the refrigerator towards the bottom so you can snake the humidifier electrical cord through the hole. If necessary, use a small hole saw attached to your hand drill to cut the hole.

  4. Secure a firewall grommet to the hole. A firewall grommet is a rubber seal that fits inside the hole and protects wires from rubbing up against hole. To install the grommet, compress the sides of it with your fingers until it fits inside the hole. Let go and expand the grommet around the inside edge of the hole.

  5. Remove the bottom shelf from the refrigerator so you can place the humidifier inside. If possible, you can leave the bottom shelf and remove the vegetable crisper. The lower you can place the humidifier, the more cigar boxes you can fit into the refrigerator.

  6. Place the humidifier inside the refrigerator and then connect it to its power source. Use a humidifier with a built in hydrometer. Place the specified humidity at 71 percent. Allow 24 hours before loading the refrigerator shelves with your cigar boxes.