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How to Reset a Dishwasher Thermostat

Hollan Johnson

A dishwasher thermostat has two jobs. It communicates with the heating element to properly heat the water for washing dishes and it maintains the proper temperature for drying dishes. If the thermostat has not been communicating with your heating element like it should, it might need to be reset. Old age, constant use without proper maintenance and switching the dishwasher's cycle while it is already running can cause the thermostat to stop working correctly. Resetting the dishwasher thermostat returns it to the factory settings so it can work properly.

  1. Hold either side of the dishwasher's bottom front panel, which is located right above the ground. Pull each side of the panel forward with your hands. The panel will pop off.

  2. Locate the dishwasher thermostat. It is a small round device located next to the timer. The thermostat is about 2 inches in diameter and has different colored wires coming out of its sides.

  3. Press the button on the underside of the thermostat and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds, then release it. This button will reset the thermostat to factory settings.

  4. Place the panel back on the dishwasher.