Installation Instructions for a Sterling Neo-Angle Shower

The Sterling Kinkaid Neo-Angle Shower Base is a self contained shower base unit that is designed to be installed into a corner location with the only requirement being a 5-1/2-inch hole in the floor surface surrounding an existing flush mounted 2-inch drain pipe.

As a result of this simple engineering design, most homeowners will find installation to be fast and easy, requiring only simple hand tools to complete.

Check with your local building code enforcement office to determine if you need any special permits or approvals to install a corner mounted shower base in your location. Measure the corner location you have selected for the Neo-Angle Shower Base (unit) so that you have a minimum of 38-inches of wall space running from the selected corner location.

Cut a hole in the flooring surface where the unit will be located. The center of the hole should be exactly 12-inches offset from either wall. When cutting the hole, make sure that it is at least 5-1/2-inches in diameter so that you will have adequate room to connect the drain pipe to the unit.

Use a circular cement saw where the flooring is concrete by cutting four sides to a square approximately 6-inches by 6-inches. Remove the concrete. Use a Sawzall with a wood blade to cut a circular hole in wooden sub floor materials with the hold having a diameter of approximately 6-inches. Remove the wooden cutout.

Make sure the sub floor directly under the base is approximately level. Additional materials may be added to level the surface such as concrete or weather treated plywood. Level the surface as necessary. Install a 2-inch PVC drain pipe to your existing waste water system, making sure that the end of the installed pipe is cut flush with the floor level, and is located exactly 12-inches offset from either wall.

Place the base unit against the selected corner location and check that the unit sits flush against both walls. If tile or show molding prevents the unit from sitting flush against either wall, remove enough of the obstruction so that the unit will sit flush.

Place the base unit against the selected corner location so that the unit sits flush against both walls. Assemble the drain body flange in the hole of the base unit by placing the flange into the hole, then placing the large rubber washer underneath the drain body flange, followed by the fiber washer (both included with the unit). Install the lock nut included with the unit onto the drain body flange, and tighten securely with the included wrench.

Secure the drain body flange to the 2-inch drain pipe by installing the included drain seal around the 2" drain pipe. Twist it in place finger-tight, in a clockwise direction. Using the drain wrench provided with the unit, tighten the drain seal nut in the clockwise direction until it begins to compress the drain seal around the 2-inch drain pipe. Remove the wrench.

Install the included drain strainer into place by snapping it directly onto the top of the drain body flange from the top side of the unit. Caulk around the base unit as desired with bathtub caulk. The Sterling Neo-Angle Shower Base is now ready to use.

Things You Will Need

  • Clean rags
  • Bathtub caulking
  • Tape measure
  • Circular Cement Saw (depending on installation)
  • Sawzall (depending on location)

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