DIY Extension Ladder Stand-Offs for Painting

Jonah Morrissey

Ladder stand-offs keep a ladder off the house when you are working on it, protecting gutters and the sides of the house from ladder damage. While some ladders come with stand-offs already installed, you can add a stand-off to your existing extension ladder as a quick do-it-yourself project to help keep you stable, safe and efficient while you work on your home. A wide variety of stand-offs are available and many clip or screw to the ladder in slightly different ways, but U-bolts and built-in turn screws are the main methods of installation.

  1. Lay the step ladder flat on a work surface. Open the ladder up so that the top three rungs are clear from the bottom half of the ladder. This allows you to access the rungs when you install the ladder stand-off.

  2. Position the ladder stand-off bracket or brackets over the third rung down from the top of the ladder.

  3. Fasten the stand-off to the ladder rungs with the provided attachment hardware. There are a few different ways that the stand-off can be attached, depending on the type of stand-off you purchase. The simplest form just clicks in place. Press down on the stand-off to click the bracket or brackets onto the ladder rung or rungs.

  4. Turn the turn knob or knobs on the underside of the bracket or brackets in a clockwise motion to secure the stand-offs to the ladder on models that have a set screw or screws.

  5. Slide one U-bolt over the stand-off assembly onto each leg of the ladder. Push the U-bolt washers over the ends of the U-bolts and thread the nuts onto the ends. Tighten the nuts with a wrench to secure the stand-offs to the ladder on models that include U-bolts for attachment hardware.