How to Build a Cabana Out of PVC

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A pool side cabana adds style and comfort to a backyard. Cabanas offer shade and a private or semi-private area to relax. A cabana can easily be enclosed on all four sides for use as an outdoor changing area. When not in use as a changing room, a cabana can be left open on one or more sides for use as an outdoor dinning and sitting area. With a minimum of tools and supplies, a homeowner can erect an 8-foot by 10-foot cabana in one afternoon.

PVC cabanas are light-weight and easy to move around the yard.
  1. Form a rectangle on the ground with two 8-foot pipes and two 10-foot pipes. Connect the corners with the four 3-way corner fittings. The open port on each fitting should be pointing to the ground.

  2. Insert the four remaining 8-foot pipes into the open end of the 3-way connectors. These four pipes will be the legs of the cabana and will hold the rectangle up. The first two legs can be done from the ground. The third and fourth legs will require a ladder and an assistant to hand the legs up.

  3. Drill a three-eighths-inch hole in the center of all four PVC caps. Make sure the shaft of the landscaping nails will slide through the hole without allowing the head to go through.

  4. Determine where the cabana will be located. Place one PVC cap, flat side down, in the exact location where the cabana's leg will be. Using a hammer, drive a landscaping nail through the hole in the cap. When the head of the nail falls just below the rim of the cap, put the flat end of a dowel or other small piece of wood on top of the nail and use it to drive the nail down to the ground.

  5. Insert the corresponding cabana leg into the cap. Carefully place the next cap in the exact location of the next leg. Move the cabana frame aside and nail the cap into place. Repeat this process for the remaining two legs.

  6. When all caps are in place, insert the cabana legs into the caps. With the help of a ladder, tap the top of each leg with a hammer to ensure that the connections are secure.

  7. Unbutton the tabs of each curtain panel and fasten around the PVC pipes to form a semi-private cabana room. For shade, connect 144-inch curtains to the front of the cabana frame and drape over the back of the frame.