How to Kill Smoke Odors

Smoke leaves an odor regardless of the source. The smell of cigarette smoke can soak into walls, carpets and furniture. Other commons sources of smoke odor include small kitchen fires, burning food and fireplaces. Smoke can even come in from the outside and stink up a room. The amount of cleaning you need to do depends on the severity of the odor and the cause. Clearing out the smoke smell from a burnt pan often only requires opening a window, while removing the odor of cigarette smoke may require a thorough cleaning.

Cigarette smoke leaves a strong odor in a room.
  1. Spray the walls with degreasing spray to get rid of an odor that has settled into the house. Wipe down the walls with the paper towels and spray. The spray removes leftover tar and smell.

  2. Clean the carpets with a steam cleaner.

  3. Pour two capfulls of floor cleaner into a bucket. Fill the bucket with hot water. Use this cleaning solution and a mop to mop all non-carpeted floors.

  4. Fill a spray bottle with white distilled vinegar. Spray all cloth surfaces with the vinegar. The vinegar soaks into the fabric and kills the smoke odor.

  5. Wash all blankets and clothing contaminated with the smoke smell.

  6. Open the windows to air out the rooms.