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How to Operate a Craftsman 82015 Digital Multimeter

James Clark

The Craftsman 82015 digital multimeter lets you test a variety of circuits for proper operation. The unit comes with two detachable probes that you touch to the two points on a circuit to test AC and DC current, as well as resistance measured in ohms. The LCD screen displays a precise digital readout of your measurements. The digital multimeter runs on a single 9-volt battery that's not included with the product.

  1. Loosen the screw holding the battery cover to the back of the multimeter. Pull forward on the cover.

  2. Attach the battery clip inside the multimeter to the 9-volt battery, matching "+" and "-" terminals. Replace the battery cover and fasten it with a screwdriver.

  3. Insert the plug on the end of the red probe wire into the jack on the bottom right of the multimeter's front panel. connect the plug on the black probe wire to the middle jack.

  4. Turn the settings knob on the front of the multimeter to the type of test you wish to perform, such as DC current or ohms.

  5. Touch the red probe to the positive terminal on your circuit and the black probe to the negative. The reading displays on the multimeter's LCD screen, which turns blank when the probes are removed from the circuit.