Outdoor Patio Tivoli Gazebo Assembly Instructions

A portable gazebo is a nice way to shade your patio without spending too much money.

The Patio Tivoli Gazebo is manufactured by Target and comes with a canopy and mosquito net to keep the summer bugs off. In order to shade your patio with the Tivoli Gazebo, you have to put it together first. While the gazebo is large, the pieces are readily identifiable and simple to assemble.

Place both sides of the gazebo's legs together, labeled piece 1A and 1B. Place the stock shelf in the middle of the pieces. The stock shelf will slip into place.

Secure the legs together with the supplied bolts and washers. Repeat the process on all four of the gazebo's legs. The wrench needed to tighten the washers is supplied with the gazebo's parts.

Extend the length of the gazebo's sides and push them into the top of the legs until they click into place.

Set the gazebo over the area where it will sit and push the anchors into the ground. Use a hammer to pound them in place if needed.

Insert the roof rods into the corners of the gazebo. There are holes for the roof rods to enter. Push all of the roof rods into the top connector of the gazebo once all of the rods are in place.

Drape the canopy over the top connector and the roof rods and snap it into place. Hang the mosquito net on the side bars of the gazebo with the attached rings.

Things You Will Need

  • Hammer

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