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How to Replace the Mesh & Film on a GE Microwave Door

Ashley Hay

General Electric microwave doors have a protective mesh film that creates a metal grid over the interior of your GE microwave door. The film is there to absorb and reflect microwaves. If the film begins to peel away, or shows damage, replace it in a few minutes and in most cases, without any tools.

  1. Examine the film and look for a peeling corner. If you do not see an area that is beginning to peel it is okay, you can still remove the film.

  2. Grasp the corner that is peeling and slowly pull it away from your GE microwave's door. If a corner is not peeling, slide a razor blade under a corner to loosen it up and then peel it back.

  3. Peel the entire film away from the door. If it is not peeling away easily, use a glue remover spray, but ensure to wipe the door with soap and water after to remove the chemicals.

  4. Remove the sticker backing from the new mesh film sheet.

  5. Line the new piece of film up to your GE microwave's door.

  6. Press the mesh film sheet down at one corner and slowly lay it across the remainder of the microwave's door until fully covered.

  7. Smooth out any bubbles by rubbing the mesh film with a spatula or credit card.