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How to Stretch a V-Belt

Mike Johnson

A V-belt can be a part of a few different kinds of systems, such as a part of your power transmission or a component of your HVAC system. Before you can work with a V-belt you need to locate it, so consult with the owner's manual of the system you're working with. The function of a V-belt is to link together rotating shafts. Because the shafts are rotating, the V-belt must remain flexible. This flexibility allows the V-belt to stretch and expand as needed, which is helpful when you need to replace the belt.

  1. Power down the system you're working with. Wait for the system to cool down completely. The rotating shafts of the system can cause significant heat.

  2. Remove any part of the system that is blocking you from accessing the V-belt. Consult your owner's manual if necessary. For example, to get to a V-belt of your transmission, you must first take off the drive guard.

  3. Slip your fingers or another object on the underside of the belt. Stretch upward to release the belt.

  4. Pull the stretched belt away from the system to remove it. You may need to stretch it gently upward or downward to get it off the system.

  5. Stretch out the new V-belt with your hands. Then, put it in place in the system, stretching it upward or downward, just as you did the old V-belt, to secure it in place.