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How to Install Lattice Under Outside Steps

Shellie Braeuner

Lattice under a deck or porch adds more than just decoration. The lattice hides supplies or equipment stored underneath, keeping your home looking neat. It also prevents large animals from burrowing under a porch or low deck and undermining the deck's foundation. Lattice's open design also allows airflow, keeping mold and mildew to a minimum. However, to seal your deck in lattice, you also must seal the space beneath the stairs. This is a moderately simple operation, provided you have the right tools.

Lattice adds a finished look to otherwise bare deck steps.
  1. Measure the tread of the top step. Cut a piece of 1-by-2-inch wood equal to the measurement. Measure the distance from the edge of your deck's latticework to the edge of the bottom riser. Cut a piece of lumber with the circular saw to fit it.

  2. Lay both the cut 1-by-2 wood and the cut lumber on the work surface and measure the width of the two pieces. Note these measurements.

  3. Measure the distance from the top stair's tread to the ground. Subtract the width of the two cut pieces from this total and cut a piece of lumber to fit. This piece will fit on the side of your lattice.

  4. Lay the 2-inch surface of the pieces on the workspace. Place the tread piece at one end of the side. Line up the edge with a square. Place a mending plate over the joint between the side and tread. Screw 3/4-inch screws into the holes on the mending plate. Repeat with the joint between the bottom and side of the lattice.

  5. Measure the bottom step and cut a piece of lumber to fit. Measure the bottom riser and subtract this from the total of the width of the 1-by-2 and the cut lumber. Cut the riser. Attach the riser to the bottom of your lattice with a mending plate. Attach the tread to the riser. Repeat for each step until you reach the top of your steps. Screw all the mending plates on the same side of the frame. This will be the back of your frame.

  6. Place your frame under the steps to check for a fit.

  7. Lay the frame on top of the lattice. Mark the shape of the frame onto the lattice. Cut the lattice at these markings with the circular saw.

  8. Lay the lattice on the backside of the frame, right on top of the mending plates. Staple the lattice to the back of the frame.

  9. Place the lattice and frame under the stairs. Drive the wood screws through the frame and into the steps to hold your lattice in place.