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My GE Profile Dishwasher's SmartDispense Is Clogged

Jon Stefansson

SmartDispense technology fitted to some General Electric brand dishwashers lets users fill the appliance with a large amount of detergent for use over a long period instead of adding only the necessary soap at the beginning of each cycle. Keeping the SmartDispense system running properly involves performing regular purges of the detergent tank. Certain detergents cause the system to become clogged, resulting in trouble dispensing the correct amount of soap for each cycle.

Purge the System: Top Control Models

Clean and maintain the SmartDispense tank for best dish washing results.

Purging the system helps clear out detergent stuck in the SmartDispense tank. Select the "Pre-Wash," "Added Heat" and "TempBoost" buttons, if so equipped, until the LEDs above go out. Hold down the "Heated Dry" and "Down" arrow buttons together for three seconds; all LEDs should come on. Select the "Added Heat" or "TempBoost" buttons, depending on the model, along with the "Up" arrow button for three seconds. The "Anti Bacteria" LED should come on. Push "Start," then select "Normal" and make sure the "Pre-Wash," "Added Heat," "TempBoost" and "Heated Dry" lights are off. Push "Start" to run a full cycle without using the main motor -- this process takes about an hour and is complete when the "Clean" light illuminates. Open the dishwasher, wipe up any detergent from the door and tub then wash them off with warm water. Open the SmartDispense cap and fill the container with water. Repeat the cleaning instructions then perform a third purge cycle by following the instructions up to the hour-long, main motor off cycle.

Purge the System: Mount Control Models

The purging method varies slightly for dishwashers with mount controls. Instead of holding the "Down" or "Up" button in the first few steps, select the "Cookware" button instead. All other buttons and procedure instructions apply.

Prevention: Use the Correct Detergent

Use only one kind of liquid or gel dishwasher detergent at a time; mixing chlorine- and enzyme-based dishwasher soaps causes them to congeal and blocks the system. GE recommends sticking to one brand and type of detergent when loading the SmartDispense system for best results. Never use powdered detergent, tablets or dish washing liquid in the SmartDispense container.

Prevention: Regular Cleaning

Repeat the steps detailed above to clean the SmartDispense reservoir every few months. Use the purging instructions if you accidentally add the wrong type of detergent or if you notice water leaking from the system or excess suds developing in the bottom of the dishwasher.