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The Button Is Stuck & the Light Is Blinking on a Bosch SHE44C02UC

Lucy Friend

The Bosch model number SHE44C02UC is an Evolution 500 series dishwasher with a variety of features. The dishwasher’s control panel has four buttons on the right to select the desired wash cycle and a digital display to show how long the dishwasher’s cycle will last. The on/off button is located on the left of the dishwasher. If a button is stuck and blinking, there are several diagnostic procedures to fix any potential malfunctions.

Dirt Build-Up

The buttons on the dishwasher can get stuck if the they’re dirty. Food, oils and other debris can easily cause a button to malfunction. Use an ammonia-based cleaner to attempt to dislodge the stuck button. Spray the ammonia-based cleaner on and around the button. Wipe it clean with a paper towel. Repeat the process if necessary until all the dirt and debris is removed. Press the button several times to attempt to dislodge it.

Trap/Filter Assembly

If the trap inside at the bottom of the dishwasher becomes clogged with debris, it can cause the water pump to stop functioning. The clogged filter triggers the dishwasher to stop working and causes buttons to flash to alert you. The trap contains a filter to collect debris as the dishwasher drains, which requires cleaning. To clean the trap and filter, start by removing the bottom rack out of the dishwasher. The trap assembly has a cap. Turn the cap counterclockwise about one-quarter turn and lift the entire assembly out of the dishwasher. Dislodge debris by tapping the bottom of the assembly over a surface. Hold the assembly under running water to clear any other dirt or debris. Put the assembly and the bottom rack back into the dishwasher. Close the dishwasher and push the button several times to see if it operates.


If the dishwasher still doesn’t function after performing some standard care and maintenance procedures, you may wish to shut down the machine by turning it off and unplugging it from the electrical outlet. Similar to shutting down electronics and computers, keep the dishwasher unplugged for a few minutes. Plug it back in to see if it “resets” the computerized system in the dishwasher’s electronics and stops the button from flashing.

Other Problems

The blinking button could be the result of a short in the control panel or other electrical parts that stopped functioning. After performing standard maintenance, you may wish to contact the manufacturer or a repairman. If the dishwasher’s limited warranty is valid, Bosch may repair or replace a variety of parts free of charge, if the appliance is used for standard home dishwashing.