What Kind of Flooring Do You Put on Outside Balconies?

If your home, condo or apartment has an outside balcony that needs new flooring, you may be wondering what kind of material is appropriate for this kind of surface.


Wood is a good option for flooring on a balcony.Wood is a good option for flooring on a balcony.
You actually have several options. You can go with almost any kind of flooring on an outside balcony that you would put anywhere else with a few exceptions. Just be sure to prepare the surfaces correctly, and choose the best surface for your particular needs and the environment you live in.

One of the most widely used and often loved flooring surfaces is wood. Using wood for a patio, deck or a balcony floor is a smart choice. It is aesthetically pleasing, durable and available in many different looks and colors. Wood will last you your entire life if you take care of it properly, and it can come pretreated with chemicals to prevent insect infestation and rotting. It is also fairly easy to install at any height above the ground and is relatively simple to cut and inexpensive to buy in most cases. The only major downside to using wood is the constant maintenance required to keep it looking its best and to guarantee it lasts as long as possible.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a somewhat affordable option for flooring that works well on a balcony floor or a deck. Ceramic tiles come in a nearly endless variety of colors, shapes, designs and finishes, meaning you can likely find a tile you like no matter what your tastes are. They are easy to keep clean and last a long time with proper care. You can lay tile on any preexisting smooth surface. If you have a slab, you can lay tile yourself easily to convert a plain-looking balcony floor into a gorgeous tiled surface that will bring your space to life. A good idea for outdoor tiling is to either place tiles side my side with no grout lines to prevent the grout from getting dirty in the outdoors, or use a good grout sealer and wash the surface regularly to prevent staining.


Pouring a concrete balcony floor is possible in some situations, although it may not always be an option. Small balconies can usually support a concrete slab, but you will need reinforcement beneath the balcony, such as wood or steel beams to hold it up safely. Sealed concrete is a good choice because it is so durable. It will last indefinitely and is virtually unaffected by any weather conditions. It can also be painted, stained and may even be used as the base for later tiling or other resurfacing ideas if you get tired of the smooth concrete look. It can be expensive and may be more challenging to install in some cases.

Indoor/Outdoor Carpet

Indoor/outdoor carpet is a type of carpet that is a suitable floor covering for interior rooms as well as patios, balconies or other outdoor uses. Today there are many options in this type of floor covering. The days of the stiff, green “fake grass”-looking carpets are gone, although you can still get them if you want. Although suitable for outdoor use, the indoor/outdoor carpet option is best for balconies that are at least somewhat covered and that will protect the carpet from the elements. These carpets are generally moisture and mildew resistant, but the weather can make them worn out before their time.

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