Desks Made for Bay Windows

Lorna Hordos

Too often a curvaceous bay window area goes unused due to the uncertainty of how to decorate the angular spot. The window's open floor space makes the ideal place for nicely fitting furnishings or custom built-ins, such as a desk. Shop around for a discount writing table, a top-quality work station or DIY plans, and fill that sunny angled space with a useful piece of furniture.


Big-box and mega department stores stock numerous cost-effective and stylish desks for around the $200 mark as of 2011. You will likely have to assemble the item, but this is normally a simple task. Find inexpensive corner desks in various sizes and materials from glass to metal to wood veneer. The flared sides of a corner desk with a straight-back edge, as opposed to an L-shaped corner unit, will appear to “unite” with the bay contour. Choose a desk that is close in width and size to the sun-filled angular outline. Fill any leftover room at the sides of the work table with decorative baskets for paperwork, a waste bin or filing cabinet turned at a harmonizing angle to your window.


High-end furniture shops and large stationery stores sell quality office furnishings, desks and desk chairs. If you’re looking for solid wood, top-notch hardware and superior desk features, such as a data port, universal pencil draw or swivel monitor shelf, specialty stores are the places to shop. The right size luxury bay, corner or rounded desk ought to blend casually into your window cove and could cost in the neighborhood of $1,000.

The Built-In

No matter whether you surf the net on weekends or run a demanding home business, a built-in desk is a functional way to use a bay window profile. Hiring a reputable wood-working artisan allows you the freedom to install a desk with almost any features and custom design constructed just the way you envision. Although this option becomes a permanent fixture of the home and may be costlier than a pre-built retail model, a classic piece adds visual appeal and resale dollars.

DIY Desk

If you’re handy with tools and a wiz with finicky finishing work, search for a desk plan that sits accurately in your home's bright alcove. The library, hardware store, building supply store, book shop and web have oodles of woodworking DIY plans and books. Measure twice and cut once to create a snugly fitting desk for your window nook.