What Is the Space Needed for a Dishwasher?

Keith Evans

Homeowners who want to add or replace a dishwasher may be surprised at the array of available sizes for these appliances. Though built-in dishwashers typically adhere to a standard size, these appliances come in a variety of configurations that may make them larger, smaller or even designed for countertop use.

Standard Size

Many, but not all, dishwashers adhere to a standard size.

According to the Dishwasher Guru, a website dedicated to information about dishwashers, a category of appliances called built-in dishwashers adhere to the most common standard for home dishwasher size. The home improvement website Kitchens.com goes on to elaborate that the standard size for a built-in dishwasher is 24 inches wide by 24 inches deep, and the standard built-in model has a height of 35 inches. Many models designed to fit into a standard space also feature adjustable legs, though, so the height may vary by up to a few inches.

Special Designs

Not every home or apartment can accommodate a standard built-in dishwasher. According to the Dishwasher Guru, many manufacturers offer a special “slimline” model that measures only 18 inches wide rather than the standard 24 inches. Some manufacturers also offer larger models that measure 30 or 36 inches wide while still maintaining the standard depth and height. Manufacturers market these larger models under a variety of names, so homeowners should use caution to measure the available width before shopping for a dishwasher.

Portable Models

Homeowners who do not have space for a standard or slimline dishwashers and renters who cannot renovate the kitchen may consider a portable dishwasher. Portable models do not require professional installation and typically have considerably smaller dimensions than their built-in counterparts. According to Kitchens.com, portable dishwashers typically measure 18 inches wide by 24 inches deep and stand between 36 and 37 inches tall. A smaller model designed for countertop use typically measures between 18 and 22 inches in width, height and depth. The home magazine Good Housekeeping notes that portable and countertop models often feature wheels and temporary water connections that allow users to store the dishwashers away when not in use. Many portable and countertop dishwashers also feature polished finishes rather than the typical unfinished metal found in built-in models.


The space available can play a significant role in determining the type and model of dishwasher that a homeowner or renter selects, but the dishwasher website Mr. Dishwasher notes that a number of other needs can help determine the ideal appliance selection. Large families or users who frequently entertain a large number of guests may need a large capacity model that measures 30 or 36 inches wide, for example, while single users may need only a slimline model. Mr. Dishwasher also notes that the need for extra capacity may mean that users need a taller model to accommodate extra racks, and Kitchens.com explains that some tall dishwashers may require users to also add a special shallow sink or replace a portion of countertop to accommodate the taller size.