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Frigidaire Freezer F0 Error

Alan Donahue

Frigidaire stand-up freezers come installed with "Pro-Select Electronic Controls" that allow users to adjust the temperature, use functions such as "Sabbath Mode" and see the overall condition of the freezer. The small LCD on the electronic control is mainly used for temperature display, but when an error occurs such as "F0," the corresponding error numbers will appear on the LCD screen.


The "F0" error will display as "F0" or "E7," depending on which model of freezer you own. When the error occurs, the freezer will beep for a minute and the error will flash along with "-10 degrees." After a minute, the error will remain in a static state on the LCD screen. Press the "Alert Reset" key on the panel to clear the error and stop the beeping.


The "F0" error occurs when there is a stuck key on the control panel. This means that the freezer is getting continuous signals from one of the buttons. The electronic display does not state which key is stuck. Feel your hands on the control pad to see if you feel the indent of a stuck button. If the key has a small LCD light, look for the light to strobe on and off like it is being pressed numerous times.


Once you identify the stuck button, gently press down on the key and try to get it up. Move your finger in a circular motion around the button to loosen up any areas suctioned down underneath the panel. Use a warm damp rag and gently rub it around the buttons to loosen up the areas. The error will disappear once you fix the stuck button.

Replacement Parts

If the error persists, you may need to replace the complete electronic button panel. Contact Frigidaire customer support and use your model number to find the proper parts. Check your freezer's warranty to see if the panel is still covered. If it is, request a free repair for the freezer. Even if the buttons remain stuck, the freezer will still operate as long as it is plugged in. You will not be able to adjust the temperature controls until the panel is repaired or replaced though.