Ideas for a Removable Driveway Fence

Define your property with an attractive fence along your driveway that you can remove as needed. Portable fences make sense to renters and property owners who enjoy frequent changes in their landscapes. Make a removable driveway fence to accent your home or to provide privacy.

Copper Fence

Make a removable fence using 1-inch diameter copper pipe to decorate the length of your driveway. Make each section of the fence with two vertical pipes connected across the top and center by two horizontal pipes. Insert #3 rebar poles into the ground along the driveway corresponding to the vertical copper pipes. Fit the pipes over the rebar poles. To remove the fence, lift the structure from the poles and pull the poles out of the ground.

PVC Fence

Another way to make a removable driveway fence is to use 1-inch diameter PVC pipe and #3 rebar poles. Make the fence in the same design as the copper pipe fence, or create a more private barrier by inserting the PVC pipes vertically in a row beside the driveway. Vary the heights of each adjacent pipe to add design interest and cover the tops of each pipe with PVC end caps. Stand the pipes so that the sides are touching to make a dense privacy fence. Paint the pipes with exterior latex or spray paint to camouflage the building material.

Living Fence

Create a removable living fence along both sides of your driveway by planting dense evergreen trees or shrubs in pots. Juniper, gardenia and holly are examples of evergreen shrubs that will create a dense living fence. Select evergreens that thrive in your hardiness zone. Plant the living fence in large, decorative planters; space the planters beside the driveway to create the desired amount of privacy.

Colorful Block

Concrete blocks may not seem to be an attractive option for a driveway fence, but you can make them more attractive. To build the fence, excavate the ground beside the driveway to a level surface. Line a row of blocks alongside the driveway, then stack another block row on top of the first. Glue the vertical blocks together with waterproof construction adhesive. Stack and glue another row or two of blocks, then glue colorful glass bottles inside each of the block openings to add design interest. When it’s time to move the fence, insert a metal spade between the blocks to break the seal on the glue.

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