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Should I Unplug My Samsung Fridge if It Is Hot?

Sommer Leigh

Samsung refrigerators emit some heat as part of their operation. Anti-condensators, which produce heat, are installed in the refrigerator to prevent condensation. When the refrigerator is working overtime to cool it, the appliance may emit some amount of heat. When the refrigerator is extremely hot, especially if other problems are evident, it can signify an issue requiring repair.


A Samsung refrigerator may feel hot if it's exposed to exterior heat. It may operate at a higher temperature if there is not sufficient clearance between the appliance and the wall; clearance allows for proper airflow. A high thermostat setting, or a thermostat malfunction can make the refrigerator feel hot on the interior and exterior. Blocked air vents or dirty condenser coils may prevent the refrigerator from operating properly. Opening the door frequently or placing hot food in the appliance may affect the temperature.


Do not install the refrigerator in an area near heat sources or in direct sunlight. Keep the refrigerator set away from the wall on all sides by at least 1 inch to allow air to circulate around it. Set the freezer thermostat to negative two degrees Fahrenheit; set the refrigerator to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the thermostat set to a few degrees within the recommended settings to keep the appliance sufficiently cool. Remove any obstructions from around air vents. Remove dust from condenser coils with a rag or vacuum fitted with a brush attachment. Keep the refrigerator and freezer door closed more often. Do not place hot food in the appliance.

General Recommendation

Samsung does not generally suggest an urgency to unplug the refrigerator when it is hot. Instead, the company recommends contacting the service center. A representative can advise if the heat is normal, how to troubleshoot the problem further, or recommend service or repair.


If a Samsung's refrigerator's heat is associated with smoke or a burning smell, immediately unplug the refrigerator. Contact Samsung's service center for further assistance before plugging the refrigerator in. If the refrigerator is sparking or on fire, do not attempt to unplug it; call 911 for emergency assistance.