What to Put in the Middle of Two Twin Beds to Make a King Size

While you can use long body pillows or pieces of foam to bridge the gap between a set of twin beds, a mattress connector is a far more practical option to join twin beds together.

Twin Bed Joiners

Make two small beds into a large bed quickly and easily.
Whatever your reason for wanting to create a king-sized bed, mattress connectors allow for a stable and comfortable connection without the concern of inserts falling between the beds in the middle of the night. .

Twin bed joiners are also referred to as twin bed mattress straps, bed or mattress connectors, twin mattress coupling and a twin bed to king fix. These foam inserts are designed to seamlessly bring twin beds together to form a king-sized bed. While older bed connectors tended to leave unsightly lumps on the bed and made for uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, the majority of today's quality twin bed joiners feature foam designs that are very plush and create a seamless appearance.

Types of Twin Bed Joiners

Some twin bed connectors include quilted toppers for extra comfort and support, while other types feature more basic designs. Connectors come in 100 percent polyester or polyester-blend fabric covers with polyurethane foam inserts, depending on the manufacturer.

Connector Buying Tips

Look for bed connectors that feature straps or anchor-bands that attach the insert to the corners of each mattress. Measure your bed before purchasing a connector to avoid buying one that does not fit, and if you have allergies, you might need a non-allergenic connector. You can also buy washable connectors and ones that work on other types of beds, such as day beds.

Connector Benefits

Using mattress connectors can serve many purposes such as creating a single bed for overnight guests or simply as part of a room makeover. Twin beds allow for more versatility than king beds, since you can take them apart or put them together with a connector at will. Twin beds are also easier to move, whether through a doorway or to the other side of the room.

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