Select Comfort Adjustable Base Specs

Select Comfort is an American company, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, founded in 1987.

FlexFit Plus

It produces the Sleep Number bed and bedding products; these beds allow you to adjust the comfort level setting. You can also purchase adjustable bases for your Sleep Number bed, and Select Comfort beds and products directly from the company or from authorized dealers.

The FlexFit Plus system allows you to raise the head and the foot of the bed via a wireless remote. It comes with three preset options, or you can create your own presets by saving your favorite positions. The FlexFit Plus system works with regular bed frames, and also keeps you near your wall and nightstand. It comes with a massage feature and works with Split King beds, allowing you to individually change the settings of each side. As of 2011, this system costs between $2,699.98 and $7,649.98.


The FlexFit system lets you adjust the top and bottom of your bed using a wireless remote, and it works with regular bedroom furniture. As of 2011, this product costs between $2,188.98 and $6,899.98.

Modular Base

The Sleep Number Modular Base offers a level surface on which to place your bed. It has a copper finish and is made of high-density polymer. It is made of individual components, allowing you to easily move and set up the system. You can purchase different size headboard brackets, base legs and rolling frames. As of 2011, this system costs between $999.98 and $5,099.98.


These systems are compatible with the following types of Sleep Number beds: C2, C3, C4, i8, i10, p5, p6 and p7. You can also use it with split king, queen and king size beds. The company offers free setup and home delivery, and will remove your old bedding.

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