The Brushes Are Not Spinning in My Bissell 9300-P

Kaye Wagner

Keeping your carpet looking new and pristine requires spot cleaning as stains arise and deep cleaning every few months with a reliable carpet cleaning machine. The Bissell 9300-P, also known as ProHeat 2X, is a high-powered carpet-cleaning machine. If the brushes stop spinning, don't stress the machine by trying to keep using it. Instead, troubleshoot the issue to ensure that your machine operates optimally.

Machine Position

The brushes on the 9300-P will not rotate if the machine is in the upright position. This prevents over-wear on the carpet when you turn it on and off. Enable the brushes by putting the machine in its operating position. Do this by stepping on the handle release bar and tilting the machine toward the floor.

Belt Slippage

The brushes will not rotate if the belt has slipped off the track on the brush bar. The brushes on a vacuum or a carpet cleaner rotate because one end of a belt is attached to a spinning peg and the other end of the belt is attached to the brush bar. When this belt slips off track, it can no longer move the brushes. You can easily slide the belt back on its track. Prevent belt slippage by installing the right-sized belt and by replacing it if it stretches out.

Broken Belt

Over time the machine belts will stretch out, crack and dry out. This makes the belt more brittle and more susceptible to snapping. When this happens, the motor pulley will continue to rotate but the belt will not rotate the brushes. Replacing the belt solves this issue.

Clogged Brush Bar

Brush bars in Bissell carpet-cleaning machines can clog when hairs get wrapped around them. These hairs are sometimes attached to the metal soleplate, which covers the vacuum and prevents the brushes from moving freely. Remedy this by removing the soleplate and snipping the clogged hairs and lint.

Replacement Belts

You can purchase replacement belts directly from the Bissell Company. In fact, Bissell recommends purchasing only their belts. While generic belts are comparable to Bissell belts and are cheaper, they are not guaranteed by the Bissell Company and may void your warranty.