Instructions to Convert a Pali Lily Crib

Pali offers a wide range of furniture intended for use in nurseries and children's rooms, including several models of cribs. The "Lily" crib is one such model, and is part of the company's "Transfo" line. These cribs are designed to convert into different types of beds as the child grows larger.


The Lily crib features two options for conversion: toddler bed and double bed. A toddler bed resembles the original crib; however, the drop side is removed and the metal frame is lowered closer to the ground, allowing the child to enter and leave the bed on his own. When converting to a double bed, the crib is disassembled and most of its pieces set aside, with only the headboard being reused. This piece is then attached to a new bed frame.

Parts and Tools

The only tools required to disassemble and convert are a Phillips screwdriver, a rubber mallet and an Allen wrench. When converting to a toddler bed, you may wish to install the optional straight rail in place of the drop side; this will help prevent the child from rolling out of the bed. To convert the crib to a double bed, you must purchase a set of a universal rails designed for such a purpose. Pali offers these rails for purchase on the company's website.

Toddler Bed

To convert the crib to a toddler bed, first remove the mattress and bedding. Carefully tilt the crib onto its side, with the drop side facing upwards. Use an Allen wrench to loosen the two gold-colored bolts on each side of the crib. Slide the drop side free of the crib's frame and set it aside, then return the crib to its upright position. Loosen the bolts securing the mattress support in place, then lower the support to the bottom of the crib and tighten the bolts. If you wish to install a straight rail, use the same grooves previously occupied by the drop side.

Double Bed

When converting to a double bed, begin by removing the straight rail or drop side, if installed. Remove the bolts securing the mattress support to the frame, then pull the support free and set it aside. Remove any bolts and screws securing the front and sides of the frame to the headboard, then set those pieces aside. Join the universal rails to the base of the headboard, then install a box spring in the bed frame. Place the double bed's mattress onto the box spring and cover it with bedding.