Hampton Security Lights Guide

Misty Faucheux

Security lights deter criminals from approaching and breaking into your home. Hampton Products International Corp., headquartered in Foothill Ranch, California, produces hardware and lighting solutions for both the car and the home. The company creates lighting solutions ranging from floodlights to motion-activated lights to dusk until dawn lights. You can purchase Hampton lights directly from the company’s sales department or from online and local retailers.


The CreataLight series of lights combine both motion-activated and flood lights. These lights are customized based on your preferences. For example, you can combine two flood lights with one motion-activated light. You can also add alarms that go off when someone tries to break into your home.


Hampton creates outdoor lights that attach to the exterior walls of your home or patio. These lights are reminiscent of the antique coach lights. You can purchase these lights in colors like brass, white or black and with or without frosted glass. Generally, these lights have a round or rectangular center section with a long, circular base. They also have a decorative cap on the top. You can leave these on throughout the night, or you can add the Hampton motion detector accessory to it. This will cause the light to come on when someone gets within a certain amount of feet.

Dusk to Dawn

The dusk to dawn lights have a sensor that causes the lights to come on when it gets dark and turn off when it gets light. You can select from lamps that use different types of bulbs, including mercury vapor, incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent. For example, one of the dusk to dawn lights have a silver metallic base, and the light hangs from the base. The bulb is enclosed by a plastic, frosted casing.


Motion-activated lamps only come on when someone comes near your home. These lights generally have one or two rectangular lights connected to a base. At the bottom of the light is the motion sensor. These lights use different types of bulbs, including Halogen PAR 38, JCD, T-3 Halogen and PAR 38 bulbs.


You can use flood lights to illuminate any outside area, including a dark walkway, your driveway or even a decorative object. These lamps offered focus lighting usually with one or two bulbs. Hampton offers energy-efficient flood lights that use the halogen PAR 38 bulb. Or, you can purchase a standard lamp, which uses the standard PAR 38 bulb.