Smoke Removal Machines

Smoke odors can be difficult and frustrating to remove. Whether caused by a fire or by cigarettes, the smell has a tendency to linger. Through the use of different machines, the odor can be removed but it may come at a high monetary cost. Depending on the amount of smoke with which you are dealing, the solution can become complex and time-consuming.

Air Purifiers

Cigarette smoke can damage home interiors and lower air quality.

For light smoke, a standard air purifier can suffice. An air purifier constantly cleans the air in a room, but the filters may not be able to get the smoke molecules and the tar out of the air. While this is an inexpensive solution, it also is the least effective.

Ion Generators

Ion generators are a step further than a standard air purifier. They clean the air in a room, but they do not purify the air. They negatively charge ions so that the particles will cling to a surface. This can clean the air, but it does not get rid of the particles. With ion generators, smoke odors remain on surfaces and could actually become stronger.

Smoke Air Cleaners

Smoke air cleaners are air purifiers with a special carbon-based filter that removes tar and other particles from the air. These are effective but can be loud, expensive and must be run at all times so it can constantly clean the air. These machines cannot remove smoke odors from furniture and are limited to cleaning the air.

Ozone Generators

Ozone generators are the most effective machines against smoke. They purify the air and remove the smoke molecules from the air. If used in a contained area, ozone generators can even remove smoke odors from furniture and other household objects. Ozone generators are used by professional smoke removal and fire restoration teams. Smaller units can be bought for home use or larger commercial generators can be bought for larger jobs.

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