Admiral Kitchen Stove Cleaning Guide

Misty Faucheux

Frigidaire, a division of Electrolux, sells consumer appliances, including cooking ranges and ovens. It produced the Admiral series of appliances, which includes kitchen stoves. While the company no longer manufactures these appliances, you can still get these products serviced by authorized Frigidaire technicians. You must properly clean and maintain your stove to extend its life. Properly cleaning your stove also prevents odors and keeps the unit from smoking.

Clean up Spills

Always clean up spills as soon as they happen. If you allow spills to sit on either the range or the oven, this can cause the food items to bake onto your Admiral range, making them more difficult to clean up later. If you own a light-colored range top, this can also stain the range. To avoid spills cook your foods slowly, and avoid moving the pans too fast. Always use the correct size pans for your food, and never over-fill them. Always turn off the range before cleaning up spills to avoid burning yourself. Use warm, soapy water and a clean cloth to clean up spills. Use a gentle scouring pad to remove spots from the stovetop.


Remove the oven racks during the self-cleaning cycle, and clean these by hand. Only use mildly abrasive cleaners on the rack, and rinse them off with running water. Always dry the racks before reinserting them in the oven. If you do leave the racks in the oven during the self-cleaning cycle, wipe them off when they are cool enough. Remove the oven knobs, and clean with a cloth and soapy water. Wipe down the door with a soapy cloth. Do not pour water over the door. Remove the coil burners from the stove, and clean the recesses and the burner outlets.

Self-cleaning Cycle

Depending on your Admiral model, you may have a self-cleaning cycle. Use this cycle every time that your oven gets dirty. If your oven is not clean after the self-cleaning cycle is finished, run it again, or increase the time on the cycle. If your self-cleaning cycle won't start, verify that the door is completely closed, and secure the latch. Wait up to an hour for the oven to cool down enough to unlatch the door.

General Tips

Always clean all the corners and recesses of your cooktop thoroughly. If you own a gas range, never block the gas openings with any type of obstructions, including food or cleaning products. Take off the door of the oven at least once a month, and clean underneath it. Open the door, and remove the screws that connect the door to the hinges. Pull out the warming drawer, and dump out any food items caught within it. Use a cloth, and thoroughly clean the entire drawer, including the sides and underneath the handle.