Types of Measuring Tapes

A measuring tape helps you determine the distance from one point to another.

Tailor Measuring Tape

A tailor using a tape measure.A tailor using a tape measure.
Measuring tapes supply accurate measurements, depending on your intent. People use these measuring devices in numerous applications, such as sewing, hanging drapes and construction work.

Tailor measuring tapes measure sections of garments or the body, and are used by seamstresses and tailors. This type of measuring tape is flexible to accommodate the numerous curves of a body. A tailor measuring tape typically has metal fastenings at both ends of the device and comes in numerous colors. Additionally, it works well in fitness, medical and apparel industries.

Steel Measuring Tape

A plastic or metal covering usually houses a steel measuring tape. This type of tape measure lasts longer than other types of measuring tape. Steel measuring tapes resist mildew and rust. Additionally, the measuring tape will not break, regardless if you twist or step on the measuring tape. Usually the housing can lock the tape in place so it does not move when measuring.

Diameter Circumference Measuring Tape

A diameter-circumference measuring tape, also referred to a DCT, measures the perimeter of a tube, tree, pipe and other circular objects. Manufactures typically make the DCT measuring tape from flexible, durable steel.

Fiberglass Measuring Tape

Manufacturers make some measuring tapes from fiberglass. This type of measuring tape holds up to wear and tear. Some are available in plastic or metal housing, while other measuring tapes have a double-riveted housing.

Measuring Tape Length

Home improvement stores carry a variety of measuring tapes in different designs and lengths. Some measuring tapes are suitable for taking measurements in small areas, while other measuring tapes are suitable for large spaces. The most common measuring tape spans 36 inches. However, larger sizes are available.